NYC-3 Portland Part of the AAPRCO Napa Limited 2013

The NYC-3 Portland took part in the AAPRCO excursion to Napa Valley CA. as part of the Napa Limited. Here are two videos rail fans took of this beautiful train of private rail cars. Thanks http://www.youtube.com/user/Alwaystrains


The NYC-3 Portland Leaving Chicago

The NYC-3 Portland leaving Chicago and other Amtrak trains pulling private rail cars. Great routes, awesome views, very well shot video. Very real trains sounds including high pitches.


Duke Ellington "Take the A Train" and Train Pictures

Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train" by Ella Fitzgerald might have played on the record player as Harold Vanderbilt traveled in his private rail car.


My adventure aboard the finest train ever to travel; riding the NYC-3 Portand behind the 4449 Daylight from Owosso to Chicago!

Thank you for Lovett Smith and his beautiful family. I am forever a better person for having met such a wonderful family. The trip into Chicago was amazing. We came in while a Sox game was starting. Several people on the car considered hoping off the slow ish moving train car to catch the game, but that would be illegal. So no one did that.
"To dine while traveling on a train car adds flavor to the dish, a depth to taste, a crystal clear experience." Me.
Thank you.